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Solutions - GreenBuilt Solutions

Helping Builders And Developers

EarnĀ Green Certifications

Better Buildings:


Green Building Can Yield a Life Cycle of Savings of Over 10 Times the Initial Investment

Design & Specification Review

Contractor/Subcontractor Training

Green Certification Administration

Commissioning & Certification

More Efficient Housing:


LEED Certification Is The Second Most Important Feature For Apartment Renters, Second Only To A Central-Business-District Location

NGBS, FGBC, LEED, WELL and Energy Star Certification

Design & Specification Review

Contractor/Subcontractor Training

Preliminary Rating

Green Certification Administration and Verification

Commissioning & Certification

HUD Statement of Energy Design Intent (SEDI) Modeling and Reports

Blower Door and Duct Leakage Testing

Greener Residences


60% of Consumers Stated That They Want Green and Energy Efficient Amenities in Their Next Homes

Design Support

Energy Modeling & Rating

Cost Value Optimization

Green Home Certification

Education & Sales Training

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