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Green Building and Lifestyle - GreenBuilt Solutions

Green Building and Lifestyle

How GreenBuilt Apartment Homes Can Improve Your Health

Sometimes living in an apartment building can feel cramped, with little room to breathe or escape. Green building can help provide that escape and keep residents healthy and happy. Here are some ways apartments are going green:

1. Providing a Smoke-Free Environment
Many green properties are going completely smoke-free, to provide a healthier experience for its residents. Second-hand smoke can be avoided and fresh air can flow through everyone’s lungs. This simple decision improves families’ standard of living tremendously. Not only do they avoid the noxious smell, but they also prevent the risk of cancer for themselves, their children, and pets. And without the constant lighting of cigarettes, the risk of deadly building fires can be avoided.

2. Exploring the Outdoors
These green apartment complexes are typically accessible to city parks and exercising trails. Residents can enjoy the outdoors without having to drive long distances or plan a whole day’s excursion. Many of these apartment buildings also have outdoor party areas, including cabanas and a grill, for residents to use when their friends or family come over or for a special event. Residents even have access to the rooftop gardens, where they can grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Promoting Physical Activity
Green properties are built in close proximity to amenities that help support active lifestyles. With the city park just down the street or the local pool just a block away, residents can improve their physical health through a range of activities, such as swimming, running, yoga in the park, tai chi, and even kayaking at the city lake. Plus many of these apartments place fun activities around the property, that the residents can take part in, including cornhole, bocce ball, putt-putt golf and more.

4. Bringing People Together
These green homes are called apartment “communities” for a reason. From clubs to classes, residents get to know those they live near while participating in fun activities. Why ride a bike alone, when you can ride alongside a fun and active group of people? A bike club is just one of the many group activities that bring people together in communities. Others include game nights, yoga or pilates classes, water aerobics classes, potluck dinners, outdoor movies, as well as others.

These are just some of the many reasons how green apartment complexes help improve the health of the residents inside. With so much fresh air and outdoor activities, it is easy to see why people have been flocking to these apartments.

To learn more about GreenBuilt apartments check out this fun and relaxing apartment that we recently worked on in Lake Nona: or contact us directly.

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