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Generation Green - GreenBuilt Solutions

Generation Green

What green attributes are desired by each generation  

From smoking cigarettes at a very young age to rubbing tanning oil on their skin instead of sunscreen, it is very clear that the Silent Generation was not as aware of the environment as the younger generations are today. The Baby Boomers pioneered environmental awareness at the same time as they influenced the civil rights agenda. In the generations to follow, more news and research findings have brought the environment into the public eye. Even with so many scientific findings some generations still are unaware or don’t believe in protecting the environment.

A survey by TD Bank found that 49% of Millennials are interested in green buildings and green businesses, while 36% of Generation Xers and 27% of Baby Boomers are interested too. This survey might seem like Millennials are the main buyers of sustainable homes. However, Baby Boomers are found to buy more green homes than Millennials. Millennials may be interested in the concept of green building, but may not actually have a stable income to purchase the property yet. Millennials are young and are still trying to figure life out. Most are still in school or are renting their homes, and are not ready to buy a home yet, especially with the recent housing market crash. But Baby Boomers already have the stable finances to purchase their homes.

A study by the National Science Foundation found that only 18% of Generation X is concerned about environmental issues and 66% of the generation does not believe that global warming is occurring. With little concern to acknowledge or improve the environmental issues, Generation X may be curious about green building, but may not be investing in it just yet. This generation is at a safe point in their life, where they are raising their children and are maintaining stable jobs. These parents are sticking with what they feel comfortable with and don’t want to take any unnecessary risks.

Unlike Generation Xers, Millennials have shown an interest in environmental affairs. A poll by PEW Research found that most Millennials believe in grassroots action to spread awareness of environmental issues, just as the Baby Boomers did when they were in their 20’s and 30’s.

When it comes to green building, Millennials and the Baby Boomers are not that different from each other, while Generation Xers show interest from afar. Baby Boomers are downsizing into homes that they can comfortably retire into and stay healthy and active in. Generation Xers are busy raising their children and working in conditions that they have comfortably settled into. At the same time, Millennials are just starting to move into their very first affordable home, where they can stay healthy and happy while they are busy working.

Do you have the same feelings about building green as your generation? Share your thoughts with us!

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