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Live Oak House - GreenBuilt Solutions

Live Oak House

LEED Platinum

Florida Green Platinum

Florida Water Star Gold

Energy Star for New Homes & Indoor Air Plus

2000 sq ft

Sustainability Stats

Outdoor Water Use Reduction
Rainwater Infiltration Onsite
Energy Star Appliances & Lighting
Indoor Water Use Reduction
Walkable Community Resources
Waste to Landfill
1.0 lbs/sq ft
LEED Score
Innovation & Design
Location & Linkages
Sustainable Sites
Water Efficiency
Energy & Atmosphere
Materials & Resources
Indoor Environmental Quality
Awareness & Education

With sweeping views of St. Augustine’s Salt Run and the Atlantic Ocean, and an up-close and personal view of the historic St. Augustine Lighthouse, this is a uniquely modern single-family home in the nation’s oldest city. The home has achieved multiple certifications in recognition of its sustainable design and construction — LEED Platinum, Florida Green Platinum and Florida Water Star Gold.

Touted as one of the Greenest homes in northeast Florida, The Live Oak House, named after­ the live oak tree featured in the courtyard, has attracted the admiration of locals and visitors alike. Owner and architect Rory Reynolds, of Rory Reynolds and Associates, designed, managed and participated in the build of this unique home.

The home’s green features include passive solar lighting, a HERS index of 50, an Energy Recovery Ventilator-incorporated heating/cooling system, and low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints, adhesives and sealants. Hot water insulation and air filtering exceed building code requirements. All bathrooms and the garage have an enhanced local exhaust fan that operates on a timed interval. Additionally, all bathrooms incorporate water conservation with WaterSense toilets, faucets and showers.

The outdoor landscape features unirrigated, drought-tolerant grass, site-appropriate landscaping, and a 100-percent permeable lot to maximize absorption of stormwater and reduce runoff into the adjacent Salt Run, a fishing and paddling hotspot. The large live oak tree, which Reynolds worked to preserve, protect and feature, provides shade to the home and a unique retreat for the courtyard. The roots of the tree continue to grow below the elevated home, undisturbed by the structure.

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